Skyward Attended the Space Renaissance Congress

The 8th and 9th May some of our members participated to the first Italian congress of Space Renaissance Italy to Politecnico di Milano. The main topic has been on the sensibilization of italian society on space and all the aspects connected to it. In facts, the manifesto of Space Renaissance Italy tells:

The Space Renaissance Initiative1 (SRI) is an open-membership volunteer organization.

We are dedicated to instituting a change in worldwide perception and policy towards space travel and utilization by increasing the monetary and human investment in space many-fold and helping to focus that investment effectively.

We seek to begin a new Renaissance that will lift humanity from the cradle of Earth, open up the Solar System and, eventually, the stars.

We’ve been honoured and happy to have a place in such an event; all the speeches we’ve attended have been interesting and pushing, we’ve more acquainted the knowledge that mankind dimension is always more the one to have a step skyward, toward the conquest of a space more and more mankind-reachable.

For what concerns us, we would like to contribute with a brief speech about our association, our goals and future targets, with the purpose to be representants of all that young students that, like us, look up to the sky and space and that are sure and eager of discovering it, conquering it, disclose it.

On the official Facebook Page of Space Renaissance Italy you can find a summary of the congress discussions (Italian).