Skyward meeting with the PoliMi students #RockingRelators

Skyward Experimental Rocketry is a young student association formed by students and for students, who have a passion in common: the one to conquist the space. To continue to maintain our high team spirit and high working standards, it is neccesary the skills formation of our new potential members. At this point, here are coming our alumni and experts students who have been working for a long time at our project. It is a duty and a great pleasure for us then to show and explain our activity and working project to all the students from Politecnico di Milano.
On the 21st of October, we have presented Skyward Experimental Rocketry to the freshmen of the Mechanical and Energy Engineering faculty. The meeting last no more than half an hour and  gave the opportunity to the young students to speak directly to the experienced Skyward guys.

During the presentation of the Rocksanne Programme, we have shown the video from the R-1X’s June 2014 launches and particularly the work of the Structure and Composite Material department was illustrated, which was the major interest topic for them.

We have concluded the meeting, explaining the potential employments, in the various departments of our project, corresponding to the faculty they have chosen.We felt the need to make it clear to them that to work on a such ambitious project as Rocksanne , we need students with a large skills background .

Even if born as an aerospace project, students from all the faculties are needed. Our only request is passion and willingness.

Citing the Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano : “It’s the passion that leads us to realize our dreams, to work in a such a wide field, there is space for everyone.”

The meeting was  a great success, the students showed interest in all the activities planned for the next R – 2X . The most interested ones have already contacted us and supported the admission interview to join the Skyward team, which took place the following week .

We loved it and we want to remember that we are always available to greet you in our work team.