MATLAB Expo Italy #wewerethere

MATLAB EXPO  is a one day event, organised in the bigger european and asiatic states that offers to industrial experts, researchers and professors the opportunity to discover how MATLAB® and Simulink® could accelerate the technology innovation.

The first MATLAB EXPO Italy edition was provided the fourth of november in Milan, at the hotel Mariott, event at which Skyward participated. We have received the Mathworks invitation to partecipate as relators in she section of Research, Development and Didactics.

It was a great pleasure for us to present the Rocksanne Program and the Blimp model (a small dirigible autonumus) that we have realized during Aerospace System Guidance & Control, course that we have organized in collaboration with Mathworks.

The materials and software completely developed by us, necessary for programming the controll board, is available online here.

An instructive experience was the one that consisted  in explaining to the guests, first of all, the association’s  main purpose  and secondly, the  MATLAB and Simulink role, for example in the software developing of the integrate simulation, stocastic simulations, trajectory simulations, dynamics and static stability, work which is  performed by IPT Mission Analysis.

In addition, the event has allowed us an exchange of ideas and a direct comparison with companies specialized in the field.

We look forward continuing to work with Mathworks in order to offer our colleagues, PoliMi students, learning and unique experiences as it was the latter.