Graduation day and “Magni” prize 2015

Every year the graduation day of July is a great chance of intense emotions, pride and joy above all.
A member of Skyward, Marco Marani, successfully graduated in Aeornautics Engineering to Politecnico di Milano. We’re sure that passion and effort that he gifted to the association’s activity will be a launchpad for his future!

In this great day, other skywarders received the graduation prize F. Magni: a prestigious acknowledgment for the activities we do out of university. This important prize has been created by Federico’s family, in memory of their son, prematurely deceased. He was registered as student at Politecnico di Milano and he was attending Aerospace Engineering, he was also a strong flight and space passionate.

We’re really thankful for this great honor and we hope to bring it higher and higher, skyward.