Skyward is cooperating with MSC Software

Skyward Experimental Rocketry is pleased to announce the signing contract of collaboration with MSC Software.

We have the common interest that consist in the innovation and development of simulation software systems. MSC Software is a great opportunity for training our team of Structures Department, as well as for different IPTL who are working with the simulation software.

Moreover, the collaboration offers the company the opportunity to have direct experience with the university reality and with future young engineers and specialists in the space field .

We hope for a collaboration full of new goals and successes.

About MSC Software

MSC Software is one of the ten original software companies and a global leader in helping product manufacturers to advance their engineering methods with simulation software and services. As a trusted partner, MSC Software helps companies improve quality, save time, and reduce costs associated with design and test of manufactured products.

Academic institutions, researchers, and students employ MSC’s technology to expand individual knowledge as well as expand the horizon of simulation. MSC Software employs 1,100 professionals in 20 countries. For additional information about MSC Software’s products and services, please visit:

The MSC Software corporate logo, Simulating Reality, MSC Nastran, Adams, Actran, Digimat, Dytran, Easy5, Marc, Patran, MSC, MasterKey, MasterKey Plus, MaterialCenter, SimDesigner, SimManager, and SimXpert are trademarks or registered trademarks of MSC Software Corporation and/or its subsidiaries in the United States and/or other countries. NASTRAN is a registered trademark of NASA. All other trademarks belong to their respective owners.

Skyward Experimental Rocketry signs a MoU with SGAC

Skyward Experimental Rocketry is pleased to announce the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with The Space Generation Advisiory Council.

Both organisations had the opportunity to collaborate for the first time back in 2012 during the Space Generation Congress in Naples, Italy. Back then, Skyward offered a rocket workshop to all participants and the general public on the Sunday preceding the IAC.
We have the common interest in promoting space activities, linking together university students and working world. This Memorandum is the signature of the commitment both agreed on accomplishing such a goal in Italy.

The agreed activities include joint outreach and awareness programs or the organisation activities and workshops targeted to mainly students. Both organisations will also share information and promote each other’s activities. Skyward and SGAC represent students, the future workforce in the space sector.

About SGAC

SGAC works on the international, national and local level to link together university students and young professionals to think creatively about international space policy issues and inject the new generation point of view into international space policy creation. SGAC has thousands of members in over 100 countries around the world. Through projects, events and information dissemination resources, SGAC aims to be the premier linking organisation of young space professionals and students.

MATLAB Expo Italy #wewerethere

MATLAB EXPO  is a one day event, organised in the bigger european and asiatic states that offers to industrial experts, researchers and professors the opportunity to discover how MATLAB® and Simulink® could accelerate the technology innovation.

The first MATLAB EXPO Italy edition was provided the fourth of november in Milan, at the hotel Mariott, event at which Skyward participated. We have received the Mathworks invitation to partecipate as relators in she section of Research, Development and Didactics.

It was a great pleasure for us to present the Rocksanne Program and the Blimp model (a small dirigible autonumus) that we have realized during Aerospace System Guidance & Control, course that we have organized in collaboration with Mathworks.

The materials and software completely developed by us, necessary for programming the controll board, is available online here.

An instructive experience was the one that consisted  in explaining to the guests, first of all, the association’s  main purpose  and secondly, the  MATLAB and Simulink role, for example in the software developing of the integrate simulation, stocastic simulations, trajectory simulations, dynamics and static stability, work which is  performed by IPT Mission Analysis.

In addition, the event has allowed us an exchange of ideas and a direct comparison with companies specialized in the field.

We look forward continuing to work with Mathworks in order to offer our colleagues, PoliMi students, learning and unique experiences as it was the latter.

Test-drive of the Rocksanne IX parachute

During the previous  days of the June 2014 launch of Rocksanne I-X, the Recovery Systems team has worked continuously with the aim to check all the changes and updates made on the parachute’s expulsion and tripping system in order to resolve the problem that we had encountered during the November’s  2013 launch of R-IX.

The main purpose was to verify the materials’ (used to release the parachute) resistance. The collected data was analysed totally in the C1 experimental laboratories of Politecnico di Milano University.

Particularly the Young’s modulus was researched, the stress and elongation at break of the following types of samples: the first one, realised in kevlar, used in the configuration to realize the lines of the main parachute (main); the second, realized with tubular nylon, mainly used to build the shock cord; the last, realized in nylon tube, in the configuration of connection between the bag containing the main parachute and drogue parachute.

The results obtained, as expected, brought out the mechanical properties of the expected loads in the launch phase with a sufficient safety margin. Below you can see a table with the data obtained from the tests.

MaterialExpected load [N]Load at break[N]Safety factorYoung’s modulus [N/mm]Extension at break[mm]
Kevlar lanyard 1285214.07628.6
Tubular Nylon (main parachute) 2060 7222 3.5116340.2
Tubular Nylon (drogue parachute) 627873231.1718038.7

Skyward meeting with the PoliMi students #RockingRelators

Skyward Experimental Rocketry is a young student association formed by students and for students, who have a passion in common: the one to conquist the space. To continue to maintain our high team spirit and high working standards, it is neccesary the skills formation of our new potential members. At this point, here are coming our alumni and experts students who have been working for a long time at our project. It is a duty and a great pleasure for us then to show and explain our activity and working project to all the students from Politecnico di Milano.
On the 21st of October, we have presented Skyward Experimental Rocketry to the freshmen of the Mechanical and Energy Engineering faculty. The meeting last no more than half an hour and  gave the opportunity to the young students to speak directly to the experienced Skyward guys.

During the presentation of the Rocksanne Programme, we have shown the video from the R-1X’s June 2014 launches and particularly the work of the Structure and Composite Material department was illustrated, which was the major interest topic for them.

We have concluded the meeting, explaining the potential employments, in the various departments of our project, corresponding to the faculty they have chosen.We felt the need to make it clear to them that to work on a such ambitious project as Rocksanne , we need students with a large skills background .

Even if born as an aerospace project, students from all the faculties are needed. Our only request is passion and willingness.

Citing the Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano : “It’s the passion that leads us to realize our dreams, to work in a such a wide field, there is space for everyone.”

The meeting was  a great success, the students showed interest in all the activities planned for the next R – 2X . The most interested ones have already contacted us and supported the admission interview to join the Skyward team, which took place the following week .

We loved it and we want to remember that we are always available to greet you in our work team.

Meet the PoliMi team that worked on Rosetta mission!

The 12th of November 16:03 UTC Philae made an historic #CometLanding touching the ground of the 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko. On the mission worked also some members of the Aerospace Science and Technology Dpt. of Politecnico di Milano.

Back from the control center, Tuesday 25th November, Room L05, Forlanini Building in Bovisa, starting from 16.15, the team is meeting the students at the event The dramatic #CometLanding: Behind the scene of #Philae.
The great experience of the landing will be explained and there will be time for curiosities and questions from the public.

If you want to help to better focus the most interesting topics you can fill this form.

Skyward to #aTuperTu event

Hello everyone!

This news to let you know that tomorrow we’re going to #aTuperTu event organized by Svoltastudenti in Leonardo, Solarium, to let all the Polimi’s newcomers and students know the university student associations. If you want to come and say hello to the skywarders, to ask whatever you want about our projects and see few examples of what we do, we’re waiting for you with the hope the some of you will try to join our passion and dreams.

See you tomorrow!

Next recruitment day

With the new academic year also Skyward’s activities restart, the target is to build Rocksanne 2X.

The firs recruitment day was this Saturday, next will be Saturday 25th October, in Leonardo, room S1.3. The interviews are starting at 9:00Am except for ELS that is starting at 10:00 AM.

If you think you can help us run to propose your profile. Mark rate is not important, what matters is the personal behaviour, the will to do something important. We’re waiting for you and we hope to meet lots of you that have the human charisma to drive #R2X to the fulfilment of its targets.

Set your time slot for your interviews filling this form.

Skywarders farewell

Skyward gifts tons of emotions.
The true emotions, the ones that arise when time, passions, rage and joy are weekly shared together with amazing people that love your same dreams.
The moment of changing arrives at the end. You have to move on, but in Skyward, perhaps, you can do it lighter, maybe because you know that you’ve written slices of an important story.
People change, Skyward stays.


Gabriele Guida – Head of Recovery Systems

Even if it might seem obvious, I would like to thank everyone who has contributed making Skyward what it is today and also all those who have helped me on a personal level in making this experience a unique one, both from a social and professional point of view.

I wish the very best for the continuation of the activities, knowing very well that this association is capable of great things.

I will always be there to support you guys. I hope that you demonstrate what one can do with enthusiasm, passion, willpower, and a little bit of luck.

A big hug to all those who worked with me in the Recovery System, to presidency of Ruben Di Battista and Luca di Pancrazio, and to the dreamer who started this marvelous fire, Giovanni Pandolfi.


Umberto Saetti – Head of Computational Rocket Dynamics

Hi guys,

as previously anticipated, in August I will start my Master’s degree in the US. That means my time in Skyward is coming to an end. I therefore resign from my role of CRD Department Lead, hoping I will be allowed to be a member of the association. In the next future I will engage to fulfill my duties and to transmit all my work to the association.

Skyward have been one of the first thing in my life I really put all my effort in. This is probably because of the strong collective motivation that we share. A motivation that has is origin in a great man to whom I owe the biggest thank you: Giovanni Pandolfi. As one of my collegues stated: “Gio has really made his dream everybody’s dream”. I couldn’t have said it better.

Another person I am very thankful to is Aureliano Rivolta, for the patience he had with me, for having contained my too strong enthusiasm at times and for having believed in me. He is not just my mentor but a dear friend too.

The growing responsibilities, the deadlines, managing a team and the constant philosophy of “failure is not an option” have helped me growing both professionally and as a person. Which is why I would suggest Skyward to anyone. Might sound a bit generalistic but in life you usually give 10 and take 1. And it is always worth it but can get kind of frustrating at times. In the opposite way Skyward is one of the things to which you give 10 and take 10 and that is why I do hope that it could give the same which has given to me.

Watching the rocket, being a metaphor for our commitment throughout the years and the long hours we have worked, leaving the ramp and climbing the sky at 500 kmh into that gorgeous sound was a breathtaking emotion. One of the strongest I have ever experienced. I have to admit that it was difficult to hold back the tears, especially when the main parachute opened.

Besides the good friendships that that will eventually grow inside a group, I really was surprised by those relationships based on the common suffering and joy throughout the path toward the same goal. I think the right word for it is camaraderie and I wish every one of you could experience it.

I will always remember the comic trips to Roccaraso with my fellows Gabri, Anto and Ruggè, spent talking about the beautiful C. Sterpos; or the Mathwork classes with Darione, Pela, Hocci and all the other “catafratti”. I will never forget about Gigi, that all the times he sees me he goes “Hey old fellow, is the rocket stable or not?”, or about Fede Rovere which would always come by me with a big smile saying what could be translated in “We are bloody stable!”, usually referring to the dynamic stability of the rocket but sometimes to ourselves after a couple of drinks. Many other great people like “trouble solver” Jonni, “mad boss” Armà, “deep web” Polino or Ruben will always be in mind.

And especially to the last one of them, I would like to dedicate my last tank you and a good luck for the future. I strongly believe he will be able to get Skyward even higher of where it is now.

About quitting, it feels like getting to the end of great a two year long movie which started just one hour and a half ago. But its time for a new movie with a similar plot and different actors to start and I wish you all can enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the first one.

As they say “the important thing is not to impress but being remembered”, so I really do hope I was able to leave a trace during my stay and to heve transmitted to you a little of my enthusiasm.

Goodbye my friends, thank you for having given my one of the best experiences of my life. I will always care about Skyward.


At the end we can say that being a skywarder is a state of mind. Cheers, guys!

September Graduations

It’s always a matter of pride being here to write about some of our members reaching the amazing time of graduation.
Even in September some skywarders have been awarded for their study efforts here in Politecnico di Milano. Congratulations to:

  • Gabriele Consiglio
  • Matteo Franceschini
  • Edoardo Codispoti
  • Gabriele Guida
  • Davide Cattarozzi

and to their families. We hope to be able to write more and more of this kind of news because we’re confident about the human and scientific skills our members have.