Prize and graduations for Skyward

We are now in the middle of summer and many of you are probably reading this blog from a beach lounger or in front of breathtaking mountain landscapes, but for some of us this is not a summer like any other and we want to publicly congratulate the Skyward members that in this summer session were brilliantly graduated at Politecnico of Milano.

It is always exciting to see our pals reaching an important goal, despite of all the energy devoted to our common dream: to fly Rocksanne higher and higher.

Some of them will continue at Politecnico, others will travel to other countries or continents, but wherever they go they will always be in our hearts, as in Skyward we live, work, suffer, but above all rejoice together.

We make our most sincere congratulations to:

  • Tommaso Randolfi
  • Umberto Saetti
  • Federico Rovere
  • Edoardo Cocci
  • Aureliano Rivolta

The graduation event was also an opportunity for other two members of Skyward, Riccardo Albi and Chiara Mirani, to receive the award of degree F. Magni: a presigious recognition for extracurricular activities carried out during the course of studies.

The mentioned award was established by the Magni family in memory of their son. Student at Politecnico di Milano, attended the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering and died prematurely, he will always be remembered for what he dreamed of being: an engineer.

It is a source of pride to see Skyward’s members rewarded for the work they do with passion and in the future we hope to be able once again to honor the family and the memory of Federico.

Rocksanne I-X is flying again!

Dear followers, brace yourself, we have some amazing news! Rocksanne IX is flying again! On the 7th and 8th of June we will be travelling to Roccaraso (AQ) again to launch an improved version of Rocksanne IX, hoping for a milder weather then last time (cross the fingers for us). The rocket will be powered by Lilith (our engine, which is a woman of course) which will allow us to reach the target altitude of 1000m. Keep following our social channels and website to stay in touch with us. You will always find the latest information about #R1XLaunch2 and you will have the chance to participate to some fun events and giveaway! The countdown starts now!

All the updates will be reported on this page so  add our feed.

Live Streaming

Day Planning:

All time are GMT+2.

  • 10:00 Public acceptance
  • 10:30 – 13:00 First Launch WIndow
  • 13:15 Lunch
  • 14:00-17:00 Second Launch Window
  • 17:00 End of activity


Skyward Attended the Space Renaissance Congress

The 8th and 9th May some of our members participated to the first Italian congress of Space Renaissance Italy to Politecnico di Milano. The main topic has been on the sensibilization of italian society on space and all the aspects connected to it. In facts, the manifesto of Space Renaissance Italy tells:

The Space Renaissance Initiative1 (SRI) is an open-membership volunteer organization.

We are dedicated to instituting a change in worldwide perception and policy towards space travel and utilization by increasing the monetary and human investment in space many-fold and helping to focus that investment effectively.

We seek to begin a new Renaissance that will lift humanity from the cradle of Earth, open up the Solar System and, eventually, the stars.

We’ve been honoured and happy to have a place in such an event; all the speeches we’ve attended have been interesting and pushing, we’ve more acquainted the knowledge that mankind dimension is always more the one to have a step skyward, toward the conquest of a space more and more mankind-reachable.

For what concerns us, we would like to contribute with a brief speech about our association, our goals and future targets, with the purpose to be representants of all that young students that, like us, look up to the sky and space and that are sure and eager of discovering it, conquering it, disclose it.

On the official Facebook Page of Space Renaissance Italy you can find a summary of the congress discussions (Italian).



Aerospace System Guidance & Control

We don’t only build rockets!
We believe that integrating standard university courses with practical ones is very important to complete students formation. From this idea and from the eminent collaboration with Mathworks the “Aerospace System Guidance & Control” course is born! This is a free course, open to every student in Politecnico di Milano, that will teach you how to build a control system for an airship using Matlab, Simulink, Simscape and Arduino micro-controllers.
EVERYBODY can attend this course, so it is not necessary to be an engineering student! At the end of the course a small competition between teams will take place, with prizes for best ones!
If you’re not afraid to dirty your hands, you want to close theory books, work with Arduino and join a team to achieve the first place then click here

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