• Wingspan
  • Lenght
  • Empty Weight
  • MTOW
  • Payload
  • Power available
  • Service ceiling
  • Take Off Run
  • 4.4 m
  • 4 m
  • 30 kg
  • 62 kg
  • 10 kg
  • 300 N
  • 8000 m
  • 200 m (asphalt)

The UAV will be powered by the Jetcat P300-RX, a turbojet that provides 300N of thrust.

Furthermore, Cyrano will have a wingspan of 4.4 meters. The plane will be mainly built with composite materials. By using many sensors, a remote control and a real-time video it will be possible to fly it from the ground; according with ENAC’s existing security standards.

The Cyrano, this is the name of the aircraft, is going to be entirely built by Politecnico di Milano’s students (except for the jet engine and control system)  This will let them to be able to apply and enhance their studies.

In addition to the launch of the Rocksanne missiles, the UAV is expected to be used for scientific purposes as well as data collecting and ground monitoring.