Logistics and Management Department

The Logistics and Management department is concerned with the association’s general organisation. The logistics team, in collaboration with the Presidency, deals with all activities which are not directly related with the missile’s system technical development.

Below, a list of six main macro areas of the department:

Departmental area Characteristics activities
Project management  Project management, allocation and management of resources, goods and funds
Treasury and finance Management of  the association’s  economic fund
Sponsors and patronages Search for new funds, drafting of employment contracts, preparation of documents necessary to start sponsorships
Multimedia Production and processing of the association’s information material , from photographs of events at the video of the launches, website management, and management of the social channels
Design e Merchandising Association’s image processing, advertising, gadgets
Events Events organization, from informative ones to those related to industry.

The aspirations for the future are to contribute directly with the technical development, thus being able to provide the opportunity for members of the department to acquire a technical background, so as to allow easier management of the project. There is the willingness to try to increase, in the scientific world, the visibility of the association.

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