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Skyward Experimental Rocketry is a student Association base at the Polytechnic of Milan, founded in 2012 with the ambitious goal of designing and producing experimental small and medium-sized rockets. The initiative takes shape from the passion of its founders and the desire to get involved with similar realities already born in Europe. The association is in a very competitive and stimulating context with the aim of breaking the high-altitude record with an experimental rocket (32300m – HyEND – University of Stuttgart, Germany), through a program divided into several phases, each characterized by new technological developments and solutions. Each advancement will be made possible thanks to the valuable contribution of the Politecnico di Milano and its professors who have always shown an enthusiastic interest in the initiative, right from its first steps. The first milestone was reached in November 2013 with the launch of the Rocksanne I-X which reached 1000 meters of altitude.


Our Hybrid Engine


Thanks to the complexity of the program that we propose to carry out, we want to provide a valid experience to the members, continually involved in practical activities aimed at applying and deepening their knowledge already acquired during the courses of study. The activities of the association, divided into workshops, computer simulations and wind tunnels, comparisons with professors and companies in the sector, report editing and much more, represent an incredible opportunity for growth for students, aimed at developing of transversal skills. These skills, hardly dealt with during the courses, are a highly appreciated tool in the world of work to which particular attention is paid. Thanks to the diversified fields of study offered by the university, the association proves to be one of the most heterogeneous reality of the Italian University scene.


Thanks to Skyward students have the opportunity to improve their skills putting their theoretical knowledge, given by the lessons, to accomplish a very complex project in a multidiciplinary environtment wich promotes an equal development of theoretical and pratical skills.

To reach our final goal we have started Rocksanne program, divided in three main steps. Wit our first sounding rocket, Rocksanne I-X, we have worked on a  fairly simple product to estabilish the organizational structure needed for the future, more complex projects. From Rocksanne II-X onwards we will carry small scientific experiments as a payload, stressing the importance of high alttitude flight. With our last project, Rocksanne EX, we will reach an altitude of at least 30km with a supersonic bi-stage sounding rocket, estabilishing the new students made rocket altitude record

Skyward Experimental Rocketry participates at Ad Infinitum

  Skyward is pleased to announce that on  May 7th will attend the inauguration of the exhibition Ad Infinitum. Ad Infinitum is the first artistic-cultural event of the 2016 review of Tablinum Cultural Management LUST for ART. The…

Time to sum up...

Here I am, for the first post in the new Diary of a Rocket Scientist section that comes as inspiration from a series of blog articles by a Skyward alumnus named Pietro Campi, hope he won't complain about copyrights infringment but I tought…

Skyward Experimental Rocketry is a no-profit Association. Le attività dell’Associazione sono possibili solo grazie a sponsor e donatori esterni. Se ti piace la nostra attività o se hai trovato utile il nostro lavoro considera l’opportunità di donare qualcosa a Skyward!

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