Experimental Rocketry

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Who we are:

Skyward Experimental Rocketry is an active student association operating inside Politecnico di Milano, it was born in 2012 with the ambitious goal of designing and realizing small and medium sized experimental sounding rockets. Our project takes on from the passion of its founders and their desire to challenge other similar associations active in Europe. The context we are in is very competitive and stimulating: our goal is to beat the altitude record achieved by an experimental rocket (32300m – HyEND – Univeristy of Stuttgart, Germany), and to do this we are following a program divided in different steps, each one involving new development and technological solutions. Each step forward will become reality with the help of Politecnico di Milano and its professors, that have always shown a passionate interest in our project, even from the very beginning. Our first goal was achieved in November 2013 by launching Rocksanne I-X that travelled 1000m high.

Latest News:

Skyward Experimental Rocketry is a no-profit association. The Association’s activities are possible thanks to donations of sponsors. If you like our activity or if you found something useful consider the possibility to donate something to Skyward!

  • Practical and Engineering Approach


    Some experiments on our Lilith engine

    Through the complexity of the program we are developing we want to give considerable experience to our members, that are constantly involved in practical activities, giving them the possibility to apply and  enhance the knowledge they got during their university courses. Our activities, divided in workshops, computer simulations and wind tunnel tests, compares with professors and industries that work in this field, report editing and much more, represent an extraordinary possibility for our students to enhance their cross-competence. These abilities are often omitted during university courses but they are very appreciated in the world of work, in which we care a lot. Thanks to the different study fields offered by our university the association indeed becomes one of the most miscellaneous realities in Italy’s university overview.

  • Probe Rockets

    A constant and strong integration of different disciplines underlines the nature of equal formation of students which, using the important theoretical knowledge learnt during their courses, express their capacities in a practical and very complex project.
    To reach the final goal of the association we created the Rocksanne Program, divided in 3 main projects. With the first probe-rocket, Rocksanne I-X, we wanted to set up the whole association, creating well-organized and managed teams that applied on a simplified version of future rockets. Starting with Rocksanne II-X small scientific experiments will be loaded on the rocket, making high-flying very important. And with the last of our products, the Rocksanne EX, we expect to reach a minimum quote of 30km with a dual-stage supersonic probe-rocket, overcoming the actual student height record.

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