Aerodynamics and Flight Dynamics Department

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Wings and Tail VLM Analysis

The department focused on solving aerodynamics and control issues, by using numerical models and empirical tests.

Our work is focused on numerical simulation development, in order to predict every flight condition, such as launchs or aerobatic maneuvers; moreover the team is also working on th fluid dynamics of the UAV, rocket, parachute and fluids behaviour inside a combustion chamber.

Follows a short description of our main activities :

Area di interesse dipartimentale Activities
Flight Dynamics
Software development (in enviroments such as MATLAB, Python, Fortran, Digital Dtcom) for flight simulations and aerodynamic derivatives extimations
Computational Fluid Dynmics
numerical analysis of fluid dynamics by using softwares such as OpenFoam, Missile DATCOM, stability derivatives computation and optimization
Control software/hardware development (with Arduino, MATLAB) and numerical models to achieve active control on some degrees of freedom

Working on the Rocket

The Rocket stability is a critical problem, for this reason we developed an algorithm based on solid surface-air interaction, in order to predict the generated forces.

The control forces needed wil be obtained thanks to servo-controlled moving surfaces, activated by the control board and the automatic control system.

Simulazione di traiettoria

Furthermore, we are developing a software for CFD simulation by interconnecting Kernel Open Cascade. CFD stands for Computational Fluid Dynamics, thanks to this technique we are able to study fluid dynamics using computers.

Working on the UAV

Our work is focused on the aerodynamics surface design , analyzing 2D and 3D geometries

Twist Design: to avoid asymmetrical stall conditions

Aileron Design: to guarantee maneuverability in critical conditions, such as low speed or high load factor