The course will be held for FREE by Skyward members, starting from April 15 (from 17.15 to 19.15 in Bovisa, informatics class L13) and is open to EVERY student at Politecnico (architects, designers, engineers), with a maximum of 60 attendee.
It will be divided in 11 lessons, in which you will learn the basics of control theory and dynamic, Matlab, Simulink and Simscape programming and you will have the opportunity to realize a height and balance control system in Simulink, that will then be implemented on Arduino and tested on a real airship.
Attendee will be divided in teams and every team will receive a set, that will include one Arduino Mega 2560 board, different kind of sensors (gyroscope, accelerometer, barometer, proximity sensor) and the essential electronics to put everything together. At the end of the course a small competition will take place, and the winner team will receive Arduino boards and other gadgets. All this is possible thanks to Mathworks collaboration.

Course material

The course material is freely downloadable from the Italian version of this page.

General Information

Tutte le lezioni si svolgeranno dalle 17.15 alle 19.15 in sede Bovisa.

Calendario del corso:

  1. Martedì 15 Aprile – L13
  2. Martedì 29 Aprile – L13
  3. Giovedì 8 Maggio – L13
  4. Martedì 13 Maggio – L13
  5. Giovedì 15 Maggio – LM1
  6. Martedì 20 Maggio – L13
  7. Giovedì 22 Maggio – L15
  8. Martedì 27 Maggio – L13
  9. Giovedì 29 Maggio – L15
  10. Martedì 3 Giugno – L13
  11. Giovedì 5 Giugno – L15
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