During the last years the aerospace and rocket sectors have faced a great changing, switching form national agencies control to a larger distribution. This means that aerospace field is more within range of private companies, and that a motivated team can get great achievements. Research and experimentation are the only way to achieve the possibility for privates to get to space. But this objective can be reached only trough small steps.
This is why we started experimentation, and developed our Rocksanne Program. This program was born to project and realize a high performance and reusable amateur rocket, fully developed by university students. The educational aspect of the program is very important; Politecnico di Milano’s students will be able to increase their knowledge working directly inside the association, getting close to a working reality. Rocksanne will be the first amateur rocket fully built and launched by a team of students inside the Italian university overview. The difficulty of the program requires the division in three steps, to lower costs, enhance the developed technologies and to rise success chance, proceeding step by step form a simple initial project to the final one.

The project is divided in three parts, each one is fundamental to enhance team knowledge and to realize the following one. First part consists of creating and launching Rocksanne I-X, a single-stage, solid fuel rocket with basic on-board electronics. This launch objective will be verifying rocket’s behaviour during propulsion and flight phases, verifying models, testing engine, electronics, recovery system and all ground and on-board system performance. Moreover this first phase will allow the association to develop a complex calculus software that would simplify the realization of a complete amateur rocket.
The second phase consist in realizing and launching Rocksanne II-X, that will be a supersonic double-stage rocket, much faster than the former model, that was still subsonic. The sustainer will be a supersonic flight adapted Rocksanne I-X. The nose cone and the rocket’s structure will be re-designed to stand higher stress. The booster will be new, it will be much more powerful and will allow the team to gather all the necessary knowledge to step over.
Rocksanne EX is the last phase of the project, that consist of developing a ultra-hign performance double-stage rocket. It will be based on Rocksanne II-X motor and it is supposed to overtake the actual European altitude record, traveling at near Mach 3 speed. All the essential technology in this last phase will be tested during the former two.