Skyward’s first name was ASMA.
The association was born thanks to the passion of a little group of Politecnico Di Milano students for space exploration and astronomy.

During the first year of activities, the early skywarders tried to launch their first-homemade rocket, the Fe-1, a little rocket made up with wood and with a concrete nozzle. The first launch was a complete failure. After the explosion the founders decided to bring their project from the cellar to University.

In February 2012 ASMA’s guys organized a meeting with professors of the Aerospace Science and Technologies Department. Here the Rocksanne Program has been shown to the professors, and a first collaboration requested.

In April 2012, the association was composed by 20 guys and changed its name to Skyward Experimental Rocketry. The leadership was composed by Giovanni Pandolfi (President) and Michele Messina (Vice President). The no-profit association started the design of Rocksanne 1X: the first rocket of the program.

The first launch took place in Roccaraso (AQ), Abruzzo region, on 28th November 2013. The Rocket reached 969m (3179.1 feet) of altitude and then fell to the ground, covered by snow. The launch claimed a partial success, the parachute opening’s failure forced skywarders to plan another launch for the next year and to design some adjustments for the opening system.

On February 2014, the leadership passed into new hands: Ruben Di Battista (President) and Luca Di Pancrazio (Vice President)

Between 6th and 8th July 2014, Skywarders launched their Rocksanne 1X twice. The rockets reached respectively 939m (3080.7 feet) and 1100m (3608.9 feet). The overcoming of 1000m, as result of the second launch, has been reached thanks to the use of carbon fiber instead of the glass one (this give birth to the name “Carbon Tail”) during the fincan’s manufacture. R-1X CT reached 1100m (3608.9 feet), with a top speed of 533km/h (287.8 kts) and a maximum acceleration of 6.8 g. The best result of the series overall.

In spite of the 2 launch campaigns, R-1X hadn’t been retired, it isn’t destined to be covered by dust in a showcase like a trophy! Our R-1X helps us to promote ourselves and carry our knowledge wherever someone asks us.

That pic and this rocket are our symbol.