Recovery Systems Department

The Recovery System Department has the task of the complete designing and implementation of re-entry system.

Our main purpose is to fully recover Rocksanne, without cause it any damage. The second purpose is  to ensure a safe landing for the rocket and a totally safe working area for the recovery Department Staff.

Main parachute opening sequence

We are concerned with the parachute size dimensions (surface, ground), applying a remarkably engineering aproach regarding the project and it’s subsystems that are the following: expulsion system, drive system, system redirecting sailboat and the recovery system in water.

For the design study of the wing we are performing extensive research combining them with the knowledge in our possession; We analyze the problems related to the opening shock and functioning, in addition to those relating to the geometry choice.

Subsystems are also fully dimensioned by our team (length, mass, forces). In addition, they must have specific properties to ensure the functioning of the expulsion of the ogive, followed by extraction of the pilot parachute (drogue), and the release of the main parachute: the choice of various configurations is based on the analysis of the problems related to impediments that may arise through the use of sub-systems.

Parachute’s expulsion system

The subsequent implementation of the wing and the subsystems, in all their parts, is made by members of our department in the work spaces dedicated to us; during the realization there may be further problems that have to be considered which can sometimes change the features decided during the design phase. We, therefore, need to do testing, in order to evaluate experimentally the project. The team, from the very beginning, has concentrated its energies to create a simple system, yet functional. For this reason, various tests were carried out to investigate the geometry and materials in order to achieve this purpose. In addition, during the tests, the software that provides an estimate  of the missile’s landing area was validated.

Rocksanne I-X parachute’s test drive

Rocksanne I-X parachute’s test drive

The positive outcome of the test, leads to the approval of the results obtained and these are used on the rocket.

With the new phase of the Rocksanne project, the main searched upgrade in our system is the control of re-entry phase with the aid of a directional parachute. The aim is to land  (in automatic mode) the vector as close as possible to the launch site. In parallel, will be developed different ideas for the subsystems, with different operating principles.